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The team here at SCD Lifestyle is committed to pursuing the best health - through diet and through lifestyle. That’s why, when we came across a product as unique and beneficial as Airbiotics, we wanted to share with the people we love most - our community. Airbiotics doesn’t just clean your house safely and affordably - it works to keep your house clean and promotes your wellness through one of our favorite things ever - probiotics!

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A Balanced and Truly Clean Indoor Environment
is Essential to Your Health and Well-being.

With all the time we spend indoors at home, at work and in our cars, it is important for our well-being that our indoor environments are balanced and clean. You can use external probiotics to clean and make your indoor environments healthier and safer with Airbiotics. Cleaners, like Airbiotics, have live probiotics in them and are able to work their way through biofilm and clean deeply. Airbiotics gets through the dirt, grime and biofilm that other household products leave behind. Your journey towards better health & wellness starts with a truly clean environment!

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Use Promocode SCD30 To Get 30% Off

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