Say Goodbye to BioFilm

What is BioFilm?


You may be thinking BioFilm is something intergalactic that we do not have any contact with. However, this is something that is around us all of the time. It has been discovered as groups of microorganisms that are a result of disinfectants killing off the good and bad bacteria that new bacteria are now using as a food source.

Whenever you spray disinfectant, it creates a layer that actually protects the bad bacteria and dirt. Hence, BioFilm is formed. Airbiotics’ mission is increase biofilm removal.

Where is this stuff?

Common Place for BioFilm

BioFilm is found on many of our home surfaces like counters, shelves, and floors. Showers are actually the most common place for the bacteria to call home because of the warm and humid environment.

The formation begins when a free-floating microorganism attaches to a surface, and if it is not immediately removed it can anchor and begin to live in the space. A disinfectant is then sprayed onto them with the intention to kill them, but is only making their “home” a safer place for the bacteria to live.

How does it affect us?

How Does It Affect Us?

One of the biggest problems that spans from BioFilm is the contribution to chronic diseases. 80% of all infections are stemmed from this protective layer. For example, urinary tract infections, child middle-ear infections and even dental plaque buildup and gingivitis.

Discoveries have recently shown that BioFilm is present on 80% of the removed tissue of patients undergoing surgery for chronic sinusitis, a condition in which the cavities around the nasal passages are becoming inflamed and swollen.

How can BioFilm be treated?


Airbiotics can help with BioFilm removal by its simple method of cleaning with probiotics called StaBiotics. This is a new, patented technology that contributes to the good bacteria and works towards BioFilm removal by fighting through the protective shell. It deconstructs the layer without anything chemical based. With the BioFilm treatment, bad bacteria, dirt and grime can no longer hide and ultimately no longer live.

This Airbiotics line is the only product line that promises BioFilm removal on our surfaces. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about Airbiotics.

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